Sheila Shockey

Shockey Consulting Services, LLC

    Sheila Shockey, founder and president of Shockey Consulting Services, llc., has worked in the Kansas City region as a staff member and a consultant for governments since 1989. Sheila brings the perspective of having worked in a government agency, a deep understanding of the planning issues and the ability to translate that information effectively to all stakeholders. She has managed APA award-winning planning projects.  When she is not talking about her kids Ali and Jack, she is talking about sports and travel. She loves helping ordinary citizens understand the complexities of public policy and planning decisions. Her favorite holiday is March Madness. She is a lifelong Jayhawk and Royals fan. Sheila holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Washburn University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from University of Missouri – Kansas City. It is obvious, she didn’t choose her higher learning institutions based upon their mascots.